• Nathan de Broize-King posted an update 5 months ago

    Hi to all melodica fans! I have completed what I believe to be the first research masters on the melodica, discussing history, anatomy, culture, and most of all various techniques and expressions. These come with youtube videos and sheet music. If anyone is interested in reading it, they can find a link here for the website where the pdf can be accessed along with sheet music. The youtube videos can be found by searching ‘Melodica Studies’ (I’m unable to post a link)

    I look forward to hearing your feedback!

    • I’ve been waiting for this since you first told us about your project, Nathan. I had a little trouble figuring out how to get to the full text of the thesis. It’s by clicking on the “TEST PDF” link at the bottom left. Biggest news to come out of Coventry since the aerial bombardments! I’m going to be checking this out now.

      • Hi Alan, yes the website it is on is quite confusing! Haha, I hope you find it interesting and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

      • I’m enjoying reading this, Nathan, but I can’t figure out how to access either the Appendices or Youtube recordings. I am already familiar with some of the Youtubes but don’t have links to them recorded or organized so as to call them up at the appropriate places in the text of the thesis.

        Some readers may be confused by your referring to this site as the Melodica World Forum. If this is still under revision (or will be revised for publication elsewhere), it would be better to refer to “the discussion forums at the Melodica World web site.” Also, it is the entire site that is the best available source of information about the melodica, rather than just the forums, valuable as those are.