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    Without pressing any key my clavietta now holds the air very good. No leaks anymore.
    Cutted siliconwashers by my self and spend some time by adjusting; renewed the gasket wir armaflex 3mm (yes, ist a little too thick, but working).
    My last post here

    It was hard to find the leaks, because of bad sealing on the other side of the valves.
    When pressing a key, some air will escape under the key, where the valve-base is located.
    There sits the bumper, which is stopping the key.
    Somebody sorted this out and sealed this valveshafts?
    My clavietta pictures with details: here

    By the way many thanks. This side is a great ressource and big help.
    I like the claviettasound very much.

    • Michael, there will always be a little leakage in the Clavietta as the air escapes form the post on the key it’s self. if your keys are clanking a little, the grey felts under the key should be replaced. The felts are also another source to seal the air leaking from the post. when replacing do not cut a hole for the post to go through, use a needle to start the hole and work the key over and over, the hole will widen its self. at first the key will stick slightly just keep working the key back and fourth until it springs shut or key up. You can purchase a sticky back felt from craft stores and cut therm the same way you cut your silicon washers. New felts will quiet your keys down and feel new again.

      • thank you very much.
        this is exactly what i was looking for.
        for now i will stay with the aktual, because it is 95% better than bevore and disabling the keys is perhaps the not worth the result.
        the beauty is playable now and this is what we were looking for.

        it seems that i did something wrong in the thread.the replys are not visible in the thread. will contact @banarzi