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    Found an old M36.
    Seller said the keys are stucking, he tryed to open it and failed.

    The sidescrews had been nearly destroyed ( the heads), one was very hard to loosen, but i got it free.
    He mixed up the screws.The sideplates have 4 screws an only two of them have the same lenght. (see pictures)

    The stucking keys problem was caused by the metal…[Read more]

  • Many thanks.
    I will go on with the gasket and post further in the other clavietta thread.
    Will experiment with the pickup and post my findings here if and how it works.
    Perhaps i disamble the micro and make detailed pictures.
    Thank you

  • Hello Melodica-Me,
    so it seems that somebody modified this clavietta with the pickup!?
    see my photos from the inside in last post linked. it is just a passive microphone assembled in the middle of the backplate.
    on first look it seemed to be original to me, but i could be wrong.
    Already tested the pickup with an activ loudspeaker. sound is…[Read more]

  • Hey,
    this is Michael from Germany.
    I am very new to this forum and also to melodicas at all 😉
    My girfriend wanted a cheap melodica, so i started to search for new melodicas and ended with some vintage ones to try…

    A few days ago i was lucky and got two pieces very cheap:
    one Hohner Pro 36 in mint condition (leaky like they are) and
    one…[Read more]

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