• MARK Issadore posted an update 8 months ago

    I recently got a Hohner piano 26 and 27.
    I can’t believe how sweet they sound and the fact that
    even chords sound clear on them.
    Amazon has the new Suzuki pro37 v3 for $229 which is a lot lower than the $315 I have seen it for on ebay.
    Has anyone tried it out?
    I spoke to someone from Suzuki usa and it seems that the only difference is the addition
    of a place to put a guitar strap.
    I wonder if it still has the same
    issues the v2 had.
    I still wonder if it is worth double the cost of the suzuki m37c which I have.

    • I have the M-37C have owned he Pro 37 v2 and the M-37C. I doubt, based on Suzuki’s history with new models, that the v3 is significantly different from the v2. In my opinion, the M-37C is superior in all respects other than the screw off release valve to the Pro 37 v2. I would be inclined to stick with the M-37C. Better to invest in acquiring a Yamaha P-37D (not E). My opinion!