• MARK Issadore posted an update 5 months ago

    I decided not to put the mouthpieces in the refrigerator.
    I do not think that the cold will expand the
    mouthpieces or make them more flexible.
    I cleaned the tip of the melodica by using warm soapy water and then water.
    For now I will use it without the mouthpiece
    Hohner will sell me a new one for$20 plus shipping
    There are a couple of stores in England that sell them for less than$10 but shipping is over $30
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    The new Vibradoneon looked gorgeous .in the pics that were posted
    I wonder what the price will be.
    I had tried the Hammond 44h at my local accordion store.
    I was not impressed.
    Maybe I was put off by the price point. At the time I did not think that
    the sound was superior to my Suzuki m37c.
    I also felt that the 44 keys was way more than I needed.
    I am thinking about giving the Hyper model a shot.
    Maybe I will be more impressed .
    I wish Hammond Suzuki would come out with a 37 key model, less weight and size to manage.
    After getting burned by purchasing the Mylodica for over $300 I am apprehensive about spending even more money.
    As always thanks for your thoughts and advice.