• MARK Issadore posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    I just purchased a Hohner piano36 on eBay.
    It sounds good so far.
    The keys are a little noisier than I am used to upon release, not when pressed at first.
    I think this might be the nature of the key bed construction and not a needed repair.
    If any of my fellow Melodica fiends has any info
    let me know.
    I have also discovered that lately on eBay at least half of the sellers do not
    give the condition of the melodica they are selling.
    I usually send the a few questions through eBay such as:
    Are the keys quiet or Noisy ?
    Is the melodica in tune?
    Does it leak air?
    Sometimes sellers will answer some of the questions.
    Many times I will get responses like “I do not know how to play it”,
    “I have not tested it “, ” I am selling it as is”
    Either these people have no knowledge of melodicas or music or
    even if they do they can claim that they know nothing and possibly
    not be responsible for what they are selling the buyer.
    I urge all of my melodica friends to ask questions and if you do not get the right answers
    .move on.

    • I too follow sales of melodicas on ebay. Most of ebay sllers find a bargain ay yard sales and estate sales and are flipping Hohners just because of their knowledge of the market, not the instrument. A few wiill check to see that every key works but that is really no guarantee the condition is good.