• MARK Issadore posted an update 1 year ago

    I recently was outbid for a Clavietta on ebay .
    It happened the last few seconds before bidding expired
    It took me completely by surprise.
    I now have an opportunity to buy a Hohner piano 36
    Some of the reviews at Melodica World say that the keyboard is somewhat noisy
    Is it noisier than other melodicas to the point where it is annoying to play?
    Is it an upgrade from my yamaha p25f,p32d and p37d pianicas and my Suzuki m32c and m37c Melodions
    or just something a little different? Does it have a spit valve?

    • It has a spit valve with a screw-on cap, Mark. I don’t think the keys are especially noisy; the instrument itself is fairly loud. I personally do not think it is an upgrade from the other melodicas you mention, but it does have a different sound that may be worth having in your collection. There are lots of these available, so I wouldn’t get carried away and pay too much. You could probably get a reasonable deal from one of our members and be more confident that it’s a good working instrument.