• MARK Issadore posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi It was very interesting to read Alan and Darren,s comments about the new yamaha p37e.
    It seems that it is not quite ready for prime time.
    I am glad that I did not purchase one.
    i have a yamaha p32d and p37 d.
    I also have a Suzuki m32c and m37 c.
    I am pleased with all four of them.
    All four melodicas were ready to play right out of the box with no issues.
    The same should hold true for the new yamaha p37e.
    I thank Alan and Darren for their reviews.
    Now on to another topic.
    I keep on revisiting buying one of the Hammond Suzuki 44 melodions.
    I had tried the pro44 and was not impressed hearing it live.
    When hooked up to an amp it sounded good.
    I think an m37c fitted with an internal mic and 1/4 inch jack would have sounded great also.
    I have not tried the hyper44 yet.
    Is there a big difference in sound compared to the Pro44?
    I have other concerns about the hammond
    1. price
    2. oversize keyboard and weight,awkward to handle and heavy?
    3. I think the 44,s were introduced as melodions to place on top of hammond organs so
    that keyboard players and organists could add another color to their sound,the 44 keys
    to have to hold seems cumbersome.
    4. I do not do my own repairs and to have the Hammond 44 serviced is going to cost even more money.
    { I had a Mylodica’ $320 that went very badly out of tune and I decided to get a new yamaha p37d rather than put more money into the Mylodica}

    • I’m still struggling with my assessment of the P-37E, Mark, though I do love its looks and sound.

      The keys of the Hammond 44s are actually the same size as those of the Suzuki M-37C. I have the acoustic Hammond, which I find too bulky for my everyday use. Its advantages from my point of view are a smoother and richer sound and the five extra notes at the bass end, which is something you can’t get on any regular alto melodica.