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When did you start playing melodica?


What is your playing level?

Professional level

What musical genres are you interested in?

I am interested in many genres of music but currently focused on
Latin jazz
Smooth Jazz

Yup Jazz

What is your musical background?

Professional musician from 1973 to present
Studied music from 1968 to 1977
Piano along with orchestration and arrangement
Recording engineer from 1976-1985
Producer Engineer 1982-1987
.2015- present Melodica Designer Builder

What melodicas do you play?

Individual reed Melodicas

Diamanté Wind Vox (Signature Model) #001 “Koa”

Diamanté Wind Vox (Signature Model) # 002 “Crystal”

Diamanté Wind Vox (Signature Model) # 003 “Jaguar”

Diamanté (Signature Model) #004 “Symphonico”

Diamanté Italia

Victoria Vibrandoneon VB600PMK

Victoria Vibrandoneon VB600PMK-M (Midi)

Ballone Burini Vibrandoneon P-37

Ballone Burini Eolina 45


Clavietta 34

Clavietta 34 (Black)
Clavietta 25


Hohner Solist
Hohner Professional 36

“Малыш” Russian Made

Hohner Claviola

Electronic Melodicas

Hohner Electra

Suzuki Midi Melodion

Multi reed/plate Melodicas

El Gigante (Hohner Organa/Melodica Conversion) Pro-48

Hammond 44
Hammond 44 Hyper

Hammond BB Bass Melodion
Hammond SS Soprano Melodion

Mylodica (Alto)

Hohner Melodica Piano 20 Mid size key

Hohner Melodica Piano 27 Mid size Key

Hohner Melodica Piano 26

Hohner Melodica piano 27

Hohner Jubilee 32
Hohner Piano 36
Hohner Superforce
Hohner Basso
Hohner Basso left handed

Soprofon 37
Suzuki B24 Bass Melodica
Suzuki A-27 Melodion

Suzuki M 37 Melodion

Tosca Button Melodica (Poland)

Tokai PC-1
KHW Bandmaster 26

Anything to add?

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