Luis melodion



Luis melodion

When did you start playing melodica?


What is your playing level?

I play twinkle twinkle little star, it's something rigth?

What musical genres are you interested in?

I have no musical prejudices, I can listen from pop music to folkloric music from my country and other ethnic groups.

What is your musical background?

I started playing the piano when I was 12 years old, after that I started to learning ethnic instruments.

I used to compose pieces for keyboard Harmonica but im not a constant musician anymore, now I play videogames with a lot of frecuency and the melodica is a collection item that I really like.


What melodicas do you play?

Some ones


Anything to add?

If you have some of this models for sale, please contact me:

-Suzuki OHP

-SMW1000 MIDI Suzuki melodion

-Tokai pianica 37

-Tokai pianica 34 (green verssion)

-Kawai melodion 25


Thnak you so much for your time.