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When did you start playing melodica?


What is your playing level?


What musical genres are you interested in?

Blues, roots, jazz, dub

What is your musical background?

Studied accordion as a teenager and performed at the Worlds Fair in Osaka, Japan. I transitioned to Hammond organ and played rock music professionally for a few years. Later in life I performed blues, soul, and R&B music on and off for about 20 years during a 40-year period (mostly on Hammond organ). In that time frame, I also composed, produced, and recorded many original songs, playing all the parts utilizing a MIDI recording studio. I started studying and playing the melodica as a main instrument in late 2013.

What melodicas do you play?

Vintage Hohner melodicas: HM-26, HM-27, and HM-32

Anything to add?

My goal is to have fun and explore how to make the keyboard harmonica more expressive.

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