• Lowboy posted an update 2 months ago

    Hi Everyone,

    I have not been very active on Melodica World lately, but hope to participate more now that I am retired as of a month ago.

    I have been fooling around with analog synths and jamming with some folks, but have had little opportunity to play the melodica with electric and acoustic blues folks.

    Perhaps now that we are holed up for a while due to Covid-19, I will start making some additional recordings with the melodica.

    For those folks who have joined Melodica World while I was relative quiet over the last year, you can hear some of my recordings on Soundcloud,

    Search on Lowboy Bootay. I have some blues recordings there and some experimental recordings as well.

    Hope everyone is well.



    • Good to have you back, Tom, though I’ve been inactive myself lately. Retirement, it’s about time.

      • Retirement is highly recommended.

        You had me worried as I was searching around Melodica World, I could not find any recent posts by you.

        Glad you are still here as well.

        Let’s see if I can get back in the studio over the next few weeks and make some melodica recordings.



        • Well, you know I fell flat on my face just about a year ago and destroyed my nose, which seriously impeded my breathing for about the next eight months and discouraged my melodica playing until recently. After a few months I suppose it was more psychological than physical. Now I’m pretty much back to my former good looking self after surgery and more recovery time, but anxious to avoid COVID-19.

          Let’s hear it again, though, for retirement!

          Bring it on with more recordings, The hiatus will probably turn out to be a good thing.