When did you start playing melodica?


What is your playing level?


What musical genres are you interested in?

Jazz, Pop, Movie soundtrack, Folk

What is your musical background?

I’m a versatile musician skilled on several instrument. When I play the drums I’m a quite progressive drummer, or a jazzy/funky one. When I play the piano I’m a sentimental/jazzy man; with the guitar I try to emulate my favourite songwriters and with my acoustic bass I’m…don’t-know-who exactly 🙂

What melodicas do you play?

– Suzuki M-37c Alto Melodion
– Hohner Cassotto 26 (made in Germany)
– Unknown melodica (another Suzuki, maybe)
– Diamonica Bontempi

Anything to add?

I’m very interested in improving my technique on this beautiful instrument
Here you can find some videos of mine with the melodica:

Or a first-try “My funny Valentine” piano & melodica (Suzuki)