• Well, I found a good deal on a Clavietta on Craigslist but it appears to have been a scam. The seller has gone silent after claiming that he couldn’t mail it to me because a relative had died. At this point, I’m disputing a credit card charge that I used to pay for it through MoneyGram. I took a chance that it was legit, as it seemed kind of far…[Read more]

  • Thanks! Thats’s what I think, one octave above the lowest C, and three octaves from the highest C if you count the highest C, otherwise two octaves.


  • So, here is a newbie question. Where is piano middle C on the Hammond 44H? I thought it was three octaves up but I believe it is two octaves, the lowest note being a C, and then the next C being middle C. On a 37 key melodica, is middle C then the first C up from the low F?

    I downloaded the Simply Piano program on my iPhone and tried out some of…[Read more]

  • Thanks for writing the books, Gianluca. I will give two-handed playing a shot. At the moment, I’m lost on the keyboard because of the size of the keys and not knowing how to move my hands and fingers in the pieces. I can make it through the Amelie Waltz but it needs a lot of work. Still, the melodica is a blast to play and is a nice change from…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the reply, Olivier. So, does anything go in terms of fingering on the melodica?

    Has anybody written a book of graded pieces with some performance tips? I guess I’m used to a more structured approach to learning an instrument.

    I suppose I’ll just keep printing out piano parts and learn them that way. I’m skeptical about learning to…[Read more]

  • Today, I received the Hammond 44H. It’s a beautiful melodica and I love the tone.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience playing the melodica. I studied the violin for ten years when I was younger and the classical guitar for the last seven years. I’m wasn’t a music major so I never became proficient on the piano even though I took a few lessons.…[Read more]

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