• Hi All,

    I know this has been covered in previous posts, but I haven’t seen a definitive answer on whether giving this kind of melodica with metal reeds “a bath” has been successful. As many others, I have purchased this on eBay and it does indeed have a old pipe/cigar sweet smell and a bit of a taste that I want to get rid of. Again, as many others have stated, I am nervous about taking the instrument apart for fear I ruin it. Has anyone had success of completely dunking their soprano melodica in vinegar/water bath(without ruining paint) or dunking it in a dish soap/water solution with success? Currently where i live it’s winter, so I can’t dry it outside — but can obviously dry it upright somewhere in the house. I would ideally like to do both a bath as well as (after it dries fully) leaving in in a paper bag with baking soda to get some more freshness.

    If anyone can give me a 100% “GO FOR IT!” I’d really appreciate it. I don’t want to risk rusting the reeds or making it unplayable.

    I appreciate the help! Photo below.

    Soprano Melodica Vintage

    • it seems that the side has some problems with posted contend with pictures or links.
      perhaps it is only me not seeing the post in the forum?

      to your question:
      the paint can get problems with vinegear and the first series of the soprano and alto had woodbodies. the later got plasticbodoes.
      the wooden parts could get problems when dunking in water for longer and also if not dryed instantly.
      the top of the soprano is easy to open without problems, the bottom can also be opened, but the papergasket ( i had one with papergasket) will be broken after that and the two screws near the mouthpiece are finetreaded, so do not mix them with the others.
      i had good experiences against odor with a 15 minutes bath in water with denture cleanser. it is not so aggressive.

      excuse my english… school is long ago 😉