• Jim R posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    I recently purchased a Suzuki M 36 melodion. Is there such a thing as an Owner’s Manual? Or a tutorial?

    • Jim, welcome. There is some historical training literature be Hohner. This is available from time to time on Ebay. Otherwise almost any ez play book that provides melody would be useful. That, and an understanding of reading music, will complete your training desires. Best of luck!

    • Hi, Jim.

      Some of the old Suzukis and Yamahas were accompanied by a brochure with very minimal instructions for playing, nothing of much value. There is far more information and discussion about playing the melodica on this site than you are likely to find anywhere else, in addition to the Lessons to which you see a link at the top of the Melodica World home page, which is pretty basic. Check out the Melodica technique forum here. Whatever knowledge you have about playing other instruments and about basics of music theory will be relevant. There are some very good players here who have posted videos and/or sound samples (usually in the Members melodica recordings forum). I have learned more about playing the melodica from trying to imitate what these musicians and other melodica players do than from any other source, trying to get similar kinds of sounds and effects.