• Paul Durham posted an update 1 year ago

    A Michigan music dealer is selling Hohner HM-26 as made in Europe. Is this a change or did the dealer find some old stock and buy it up ?

    • There was some stock still out there a few years ago, Paul. I believe it was last made in 2011 and Hohner USA was selling some for a few years after that.

      • Thanks, Alan. The dealer is trying to unload a lot of 40 so we’ll be seeing them for awhile. I got mine used quite some time ago so I wasn’t inclined to spend $49 right now.

        • If I were you, I’d buy it now, regardless of how many he says he has in stock. That’s a bargain price for a new HM-26, and at that price somebody may buy out his stock.

          • The one I have is in good shape so I’m not in the market. I have my collectibles set aside and most of what I buy now are entry level pieces just to see low end improvements. My conclusion has been most of them are really quite remarkable for the price. Hopefully this will bring more enthusiast to the melodica.

            • Oh, I was assuming that you didn’t already have one.

              You’ve carved out a niche for your investigations, Paul, that nobody else is filling.

    • Hi Paul,

      I know the point is moot given you are not in the market, but for the edification of others, made in Europe may not mean made in Germany. Alan probably knows where Hohner moved production of the HM series to lower costs.

      Based on my experience with many HM series melodicas, I prefer the “Made in Germany” variety. They seem to have a higher percentage of sweet ones.

      Upon casual observation of materials and workmanship, it is hard to tell the difference between German-made and other-country-made HM series melodicas. Of course, the German ones are labeled on the front with “Made in Germany.” Any detective could probably snoop out the differences, but I have not opened one in over a year.

      Hohner was selling a big lot of new old stock melodicas several years ago, but they were not made in Germany or I would have bought a few. I think someone bought that lot as I have seen a “lot” of HM’s for sale once or twice over the recent years.

      If anyone can get a new old stock (often abbreviated NOS) German-made HM 26/27/32 for $50 dollars delivered, that is a good deal in my mind. I love these melodicas for the reason that most of you are familiar with.