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    Yeah, the D’Luca M37-RD purchased on eBay is the same as the Young Chang Melodion my friend got me in Korea (stamped “made in China.”) The country of origin stamp is blank on the D’Luca so who knows. But for $29.95 (free shipping) it was a great deal.

    EBay seller was musicianvip


  • Maybe I should post the link to the eBay listing because the instrument was purchased cheap, shipping was quick, and it’s a good deal? If this is against forum rules then pls delete.

    Red D’Luca M37-RD


  • I’ll be posting pix and a review in a few days, but I just wanted to confirm that the Young Chang melodica my friend bought for me in Korea for $35 is the same instrument as the D’Luca I bought on eBay for $29.95 (free shipping) from seller musicianvip. The “red” is not the same color, and where the brand and “made in Chine” are stamped on the…[Read more]

  • Donʻt want to resurrect a “zombie” thread, but someone recently gave me a Young Chang melodica purchased in Korea. The melodica has “Made in China” stamped on it and is quite a good musical instrument (although I am new to melodicas). I canʻt find Young Chang melodicas for sale anywhere but both the DʻLuca and the Hurricane Harps melodicas are de…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the research. It does look like that Excalibur.

    It also looks like this Hurricane Harps M37:

    I’m thinking there’s a factory in Asia producing this and stamping different names on it. I’d like to buy a “spare” so I’m going to buy either the Excalibur or the Hurricane Harps and I will report back.


  • I started playing melodica last year when a friend brought one back from Korea. It’s a Young Chang Melodion Pro-37. Although Young Chang is a Korean company, it says “Made in China” on the body.

    I’m enjoying playing it but haven’t found any info about it anywhere. Even on that Internet thingie. Anyone have one of these?



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