• Aaron Levitz added a comment on The Melodica Building Experiment 6 5 years, 5 months ago

    Does your design actually require two extruders? I think the Replicator (5th generation) is actually newer and more advanced than the 2x; it’s just missing that one feature. (ditto for the Replicator Mini, if you don’t mind printing it in phases and gluing those together)

    There are practical reasons to use two extruders. Most notably, when you need to build shapes inside of other shapes (like the ball of a whistle), you can use a water soluble material for temporary supports that are easier to clean up.

    …but for color, I wouldn’t bother.

    There isn’t a lot of software support for two-color prints, you have twice as many properties to optimize around (with the interaction of those materials causing more complexity), and I honestly think you’ll be happier painting a single-color print anyway.

    …but I imagine my reply came to you a month late, and the user reviews on the FlashForge Creator Pro are certainly promising. What’s your experience with it so far?