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    To Pal, and others, the Janko melodica, as I have confirmed to myself in my second version, is exactly as you say; mechanical, using air, and complex. However, it is literally no more complex in its Janko incarnation than in the piano version. Rather, carefully placed “augmented” keys work the magic, and offer a straightforward “add-on” for ext…[Read more]

  • Hello. This reply, although belated, is aimed at Pal and Kevin, and all interested in Janko keyboard melodicas. Yes, I have converted two, and am nearly ready to do #3. I have some trouble with this site software (I am sure due to my own novice level) and can’t really get pictures. Right now, the second iteration looks almost like a viable d…[Read more]

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    And, I should have mentioned that version one came from a YouTube video; was it yours? Version 2 works because I used double height buttons, so clearance is better and playability, too. Other conversion units seem to require much more engineering and stepped rows, which I hope to avoid with my version.

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    Hello, Kevin, et.al.

    The construction for my two (so far) “Jankolpitts” conversions is like this: In the first case (the Yamaha Pianica 25) I did real surgery. I took each key off (lost a spring or two while at it) and cut each key down. The blacks I cut down to make the tops flush with the white keys, and then the white keys I cut wid…[Read more]

  • I am new to the instrument, and am interested mainly because it offers the free-reed sound with the full chromaticity of the piano keyboard. All my other instruments are diatonic, and this will open other keys to me. However, I am obsessed with the Janko conversions I have done; I will try to find a way to send sound links for all to hear, once…[Read more]

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  • I have a lo-re pic to post….

    Thanks for the feedback, and I’d love to hear from anyone who is doing or contemplating something similar.

    BTW, where do I do picture post….I don’t see it.

  • Hi, folks. I am a newbie here and at the melodica (40 year old Hohner student models aside.) I actually bought one (the little Yamaha 25) for experimental modification to a Janko keyboard, and used the two available YouTube “builds” for inspiration. Actually, I settled on the “Instructable” (with the pennies as keys) and whacked away at it. Af…[Read more]