James Howard Young

James Howard Young

James Howard Young – Classical melodica video


Bach: Brandenburg Concerto 3 – 1 with 10 melodica tracks and live video for 9 parts


With 10 solo parts divided into three trio groups and continuo, this semi-lengthy movement required the use of at least 9 individual video tracks in order to make it work. Because of the natural size restrictions that embedded video presents, I needed to make three sets of individual movies with 3 soloists each and then mix them together. This pushed the boundaries of my computer processor, software, hardware, and most of all my patience, but all in all it was a very rewarding piece to work on. The original parts are covered and positioned like this:

Violin 1,2,3: Alto Melodica: Right to left, standing, orange shirt
Viola 1,2,3: Alto Melodica: Right to left, standing, blue shirt
Cello 1,2,3,: Bass Melodica: Left to right, sitting, blue shirt, haircut
Continuo: Bass Melodica: Not shown
Musical instruments by Suzuki

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    WOW, an amazing performance. I’m a melodica player and a classical musician and I love this Brandenburg Concerto. I perform with a melodica ensemble, One Road Over (can be heard on YouTube and melodicamamma.com) and it’s encouraging to hear how successfully the melodica can be used for classical music. And your recording expertise is awesome..

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