Yamaha Pianica P37D reed plates (UK)

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    I emailed Yamaha to see about the possibility of spare reed plates, and it seems they’re actually very easy to order, and reasonably priced…

    Thank you for your email regarding a spare part for your Yamaha P37D

    Orders for Yamaha Instrument spare parts can be obtained from the following locations:

    For UK Customer’s: Yamaha UK Spares – 0844 811 1116 (Option 2) or via your local Yamaha Music Dealer.

    For Republic Of Ireland Customer’s – Yamaha UK Spares – (0) 15262449 (Option 2) or via your local Yamaha Music Dealer.

    The part information that you have requested is below.

    W4110210 High section reed plate, no stock but available to order from Japan and the cost is £15.08 Inc of VAT

    W4110310 Middle section reed plate, same information as above.

    W4110110 Low section reed plate, same information as above.

    Handling is £3.60 and you can order with a credit or debit card on the contact number shown above. They will take about 4 weeks to arrive from Japan from order.

    Alan Brinton

    The phone number in the U.S. is 888-892-6242 (option #1). I asked about reed plates for the P32D:

    Part #’s..backordered 4-6 weeks from the time you order.
    W4040221..low reed plate P32D..$24.28
    W4040231..high reed plate P32D..$24.28

    There appear to also be delivery charges, though probably not if you can order through a dealer with a Yamaha account.


    Thanks for the US details Alan, and also for this:

    Parts list


    Click here for the full description


    A removable, replaceable reed plate is a strong selling point in my mind. My Hohners seem to have the reed plate glued in place. And an email from Hohner stated replacement plates are not available for older instruments.

    A pianica is in my future one of these days to give it a whirl.



    Hi everyone! I need to order some reed plate replacements too.
    Do you know how to order the items from Italy? W4110210 – W4110310 – W4110110

    I just found this page on the web but I’m not sure about this way..


    Hi Stefano

    Try Yamaha Italy here

    Love your video by the way!


    Hi Stefano,

    Great band and melodica playing. Is that a Hohner Piano 32 you are playing?



    Alan Brinton

    Great take on a classic Jazz standard, Stephano. Love it! Shades of Stephane Grappelli.


    Hi everyone!

    thanks so much for your comments!
    you can find more stuff from my band in these pages:

    Woody Gipsy Band – Facebook
    Woody Gipsy Band – Web Site

    If you need Yamaha reed replacements in italy, I just found this italian official dealer: they can order them!




    , the melodica in the video is exactly a Yamaha Pianica P37D! 😉
    I also have a hohner fire one, some angels one and an Hammond 44HP.

    My favorite is the Yamaha one!

    Philippa Collings

    Hi all
    The top A on my Yamaha pianica went really flat, more than a semitone, over a two week period. When I opened it up the reed looked as though it had bent, so I tried to flatten it again. I mustn’t have done it right as it now doesn’t play at all… I’ve had a quote for a new top section reed plate for £48.00, and apparently the Yamaha site says out of stock, so no idea when it might arrive. I’ve used it as an excuse to order another melodica and am going to try the hohner airboard for a contrast, but does anyone know where I could source a new reed plate more quickly and preferably cheaper than 48 quid? Or any tips on how to bring the reed back to playing again? I wondered about trying to iron it?!! Any of you experienced people out there got any ideas about what I could do? I’d be very grateful.
    Six months in to learning now and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Recently found out there’s a whole load of reggae music featuring melodica but expect you know about that.

    Alan Brinton

    If a reed goes that flat so quickly, Philippa, there’s a good chance that it has failed. With a failing or failed reed, if you tune the reed, it soon goes flat again and is a lost cause. It would be interesting to see photos of the reed from a couple of angles. In trying to “flatten” the reed (in the other sense of “flat”), you probably closed the gap (i.e., the distance between the reed and reed plate, which should be roughly the same distance as the thickness of the reed and should look about the same as the gaps of the other nearby reeds). If the gap is too small, the reed will be less responsive or not play at all. I recently posted “Gapping 101” in the “Melodica Construction, repair, and maintenance” forum.

    If the reed has creased, it’s hopeless. If not, here’s what I would do: (1) See if you can get the reed to play by re-gapping it, which will probably involve carefully opening the gap as described in my post. If the reed then plays, (2) try to tune it as described in Daren’s “How to Tune a Melodica” tutorial.” If this is successful, there will still be the question of whether it will hold its tuning. If not, then the only viable alternative is to replace the top reed plate. The P-37D has three reed plates. It sounds like you were quoted the price for the whole set. The top one alone should be about 15 quid. This information is given with a phone number in the first post by Daren in this thread.

    Philippa Collings

    Thanks very much Alan, that’s really helpful. I will have a go at the regapping and tuning, will check again the price I was given for a reed plate. Really glad I joined this forum though I seem to be benefiting from it rather more than contributing, hopefully one day I’ll be able to return the favour. Thanks again, Philippa


    Hi Philippa, definitely sounds like it could be a failed reed to me. This does happen from time to time, and when it does, it’s best to replace a whole reed plate.

    For the UK, you can order reed plates from a company called Sontec. Go online and order here:

    They’ll get back to you with a quote. I recently ordered 8 reed plates;
    3 x W4110210 High section reed plate
    3 x W4110310 Middle section reed plate
    2 x W4110110 Low section reed plate

    The total, including VAT and postage was £122.81

    They came from Japan, and took a few weeks if I remember correctly.

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