Yamaha Pianica P-32C

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    Darryn Chiew

    Hi, I’m new to the Melodica/Pianica world. I haven’t been able to find much information on my Pianica online but I gather it is at least semi-vintage.

    As I don’t have a lot of technical expertise, I’ll let the photos do the talking. I haven’t taken it apart yet and currently don’t have any plans to do so for fear of breaking it or not being able to reassemble it (learning from experience, hehe)

    Top View

    Back View

    Model number

    There is a crude “Made in Japan” sticker stuck to the body. A similar sticker is stuck on the case as well. I’m not sure if the sticker is supposed to be part of this pianica because it looks out of place.

    Dee Cook

    Picked up a Yamaha Pianica P-32C at an estate sale a few months ago. I don’t own a D, so I’m also curious as to the history and differences in construction for the two models. There is a nice discussion comparing the A, B and D models, but no mention of the C. Anyone?

    Alan Brinton

    Your photos are not showing, Darryn. “Vintage” is not well defined for melodicas. The term is often used here for any melodica that’s no longer in production. For the most part, I refer to melodicas from the 1980s and earlier as vintage. You refer to yours as a Pianica; it’s probably something we could date. If it’s a Yamaha, the “Made in Japan” (if authentic) would also help date it, since their Pianicas have been made in Indonesia for quite some time.

    Dee: I have all the Yamaha 32 key models except the P-32C. I have seen photos, though. It was on the market from 1978-84 and introduced the same basic design as its successor, the (1984-2018) P-32D. It is to the P-32D roughly what the P-25E is to the P-25F. The same change was made in the carrying cases in the transitions between these models. I prefer the P-25E to the P-25F because of the narrower case, the more conservative color, and because it’s easier to find one that was made in Japan (rather than Indonesia). The P-25E and F are otherwise virtually identical.

    Darryn Chiew

    Whoops! I’m sorry it took me two whole years to come back and reply to this thread. During this time, a change of jobs and all sorts of other nitty gritty tasks came my way until I totally forgot to log in to this forum and check for replies, although I’ve been reading other threads occasionally, without logging in.

    I’m not sure how else I can upload the photos of the P32-C. Let me search for a free image host and will update again soonest.

    From the last time I posted, I’ve also been given a leaky old Suzuki A-32 and I hope to find the time to get it back into playing condition soon.

    Happy New Year to all.

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