Yamaha P-37ERD: some thoughts

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    Aldon Sanders

    I’ve had a week or so to play the Pianica (P-37ERD) and wanted to add a few my thoughts.

    I really like the voice (timbre) of this instrument. I’d describe it’s voice as much less harsh than the P-37D. I’ve always found the P-37D to be bit too strident for my taste. There are several unmusical bleating overtones that detract from the pureness of the notes.

    By corparison, the smaller P-32D, has a smoother voice than the 37D. The harshness is lessened, and the tone is less razzy.

    The P-37ERD, however, is even even smoother than the P-32D! The tone is very reminiscent of an accordion.

    I absolutely love it’s sound.

    The expected quality of Yamaha Pianicas is no exception in this model. Great build quality.

    It’s intonation with itself was again as you’d expect from Yamaha. Mostly all there. Sharp of 440. A few to several octave notes disagreeing. If you are tuning freak (I am) you will have to tweak it.

    Oh, and I really like the black blow tube!

    Aldon Sanders

    OP here.

    I’ll add that the body of the ERD is finished with a grippier surface than both the 32D and 37D, and is nicer to hold and fingerprint proof. The top surface has the usual shiny finish.

    I’m a fan of the textured/matte look.

    Also, I happen to really like the gig-bag it comes with. It’s stiff enough to protect against dings, bumps and bangs.

    Daren Banarsë

    Great to hear you’ve found one that you like Aldon. What do you think of having to blow harder? That puts me off using mine a bit…

    Aldon Sanders

    The resistance doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I like it.

    I played alto sax in the Army for 4 years and was a brass player in my youth so I barely notice the resistance.

    I do find that it helps with my air efficiency though, meaning I can play longer phrases without needing to take a breath. It also makes me feel more intimately connected to the instrument, as if I have finer control over the sound with less effort than the 37D and 32D

    André Sant’Anna

    Aldon, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I was researching more information about the Yamaha P-37ERD, especially the differences between it and the other BK and BR models. On the Yamaha website, the information is as follows:

    “[…] The brown and black pianicas produce a smooth sound, […]. On the other hand, by using sound absorbing material only for the higher notes, the red model produces a bright and resplendent tone […]”

    But I didn’t find any comparative videos about. I figured the P-37ERD would sound more like the P-37D than the other E-series models.

    I’m actually interested in whether the lower notes are as “polluted” as the P-37D when chords are played in this region. For me, this is the only problem with the P-37D (apart the already known noisy keyboard). As you said, I hear a lot of harshness and overtones. In the case of playing chords especially in the low range, they can sound even more unpleasant. As the text on the Yamaha website informs, in the P-37ERD model the sound absorbing material was used only for the high notes, so I imagine that the low notes sound similar to the P-37D. Comparing them, what would you say?

    Daren, wouldn’t air resistance help with circular breathing?

    Rey Florian

    Thx for the review.

    already owning the P37D, it made me want to try this new version.
    not easy to find on the internet but available at my local dealer so all is well.

    I would tell you my feelings.

    Pál Krammer

    Likewise, a chart on Yamaha’s site describes the sound as being “bright” for all models P-25F, P-32D, P-37D, and P-37ERD, but “dark/mellow” for P-37EBK and P-37EBR.

    I’m tempted to try an EBK but the Hammond 44H also calls…

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