Where to Melodica Bag/Case?

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    I recently bought a Yamaha P-32D, and I dont really like the blue plastic case. I searched amazon and ebay, and other sites, but none seem to sell a Melodica bag separately…

    Steven Morris


    It doesn’t seem like Yamaha makes separate cases besides replacements for the P-32D pink and blue models.

    Here the P-32D (blue) with a new soft case:

    Here’s a link to a search on Rakuten (Japan):

    There seems to be a lot of soft cases & bags available, most of which aren’t made by Yamaha (or other makers). I have noticed a trend, however– this last year makers have been releasing a soft case option for their instruments. So maybe we’ll see some variety soon.


    Yeah, thats true. It doesnt really matter the brand, but just a generic case for a melodica will do me good. Guess i’ll just have to stick with it for now and improvise on buying a case for my melodica. Thanks for the help though. Sadly, this site is kinda dying… It’s has so much potential too.

    Edmond Nogat

    Hi, I don’t know if it will help, I have got this cheap melodica with a very good case. I kept the case to put my Hohner student 32 inside.

    Pam A

    I have been searching for a generic case for some of my melodicas and found this thread. Don’t know if anyone is interested by found this


    I haven’t ordered it yet and can’t speak to it’s effectiveness but it appears that the Japanese are the only people making generic cases since melodica is so well accepted in that country as a entry-level instrument for school children.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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