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    I currently own a couple of Suzukis and would like to get a Yamaha P37D. I live in Canada and it looks like my only option for getting a Yamaha is online (Yamaha Canada doesn’t carry them) and ebay has better prices than amazon, but I’ve never used ebay. Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with any particular Japan sellers on ebay? Right now I’m looking at ‘japanlovely’ because they have a decent price to Canada and lots of positive customer feedback. Any other general suggestions like anything I should ask the seller?



    Hello Yorg, I have purchased items from many of the sellers from Japan and have been very satisfied. check their rating and see how many negatives they have and read the reviews. Remember many of these have thousands of sales so if they have a few negatives do the math. If they have 10,000 sales and have 10 negatives the odds are you will be satisfied. But if they have a 100 sales and they have 10 negatives, we’ll chances are your not going to be happy with that seller. This should be the same for any seller from any country. And remember paypal is the way to go to make sure you get your items and if you don’t contact the seller and if you do not get a response contact eBay and PayPal they will help to make good. I hope this helps


    Ebay is great for buyers, they’re always willing to step in and arrange a refund if things aren’t up to scratch. They’re not so good for the sellers, but that’s a different story…

    I’ve bought a few Pianicas from Japan/Ebay, delivered to the UK, and always had good service.


    Thank you very much for the replies.

    Alan Brinton

    I have ordered many melodicas from Japan. Typically, the prices are significantly lower but shipping cost is much higher, so that it’s pretty much a wash on new Japanese melodicas. But current models that are used commonly sell at even lower prices on Japanese auction sites, are typically in good condition, and are a bargain. It’s very easy to find a Yamaha P-32D, since this is so widely used in the schools, harder to find a P-37D. I am of the strong opinion that there is even less risk in buying from Japan than in buying from a non-Japanese source on eBay (but there’s not much risk there either). In my experience, Japanese sellers are typically scrupulously honest.

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