Ultimate Blues Harmonica Sound from a Melodica

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    I bought Lone Wolf Pedals, and my intention is to work about Lowboy work searching for Blues harp Sound on Melodion 44 HP. I’m just waiting to get the pedals. Looking forward to….I’m not a great player because I started to pley Keybords in May 2014. But I came from Wind school …and I used to Play Recorders…..and Traverse FLute. I enjoy playing melodica over Blues songs, but I’m hoping that Pedals will help me to get closer to the harp sound. Greetings from Chile !!!!


    Welcome Konrad.

    You got me worried there for a moment because I have experimented with a number of pedal and have changed my approach a lot over that last six months. But I am back to using the pedals pictured above. I use them in a different order order however. The order I now use them in is: MXR bass compressor to the Harp Tone+ to the Harp Break (or Harp Attack), and finally to the Harp Delay. With these pedals, you can completely change the tonality and character of any melodica. If I am not looking for distortion, I leave the Harp Break (or Harp Attack) out of the mix. Lately, I am playing with a cleaner sound, but still occasionally like to dirty it up.

    If you must only buy one pedal, get the Harp Delay. It rounds out the high end, taking out the harsh overtones and really thickens up the sound. I use a hot mic, so basically I use the compressor to limit the input signal to the Harp Tone+ so it does not distort.

    Good luck.




    Thanks for your information Lowboy. I bought the harp delay, hard break, hard tone , flat cat and harp attack. However, i have a Melodion 44hp, wich is electroacoustic, so i still dont know how is it going to end ang what will happend with microphone. I started this idea 7 mounths ago, but i have boss guitar’s pedals: delay, harmonist, overtone and octavator…..there are results but not in a blues way harp sound…. Is more like an electric organ from 70’s, far from blues harp, thats why i finally decided to buy these pedals…. On their way to Chile right now. I realized that is important , to play more than one key at the same time, trying to emulate the concept of bending itself, so is very much technique….well, lets see what will come out. I will let you know.

    Greetings from Chile!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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