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    I have a Hammond 44 and a Hammond 44 HP. With both, I have a key or two that will not produce sound (both in upper octave). Has anyone else experienced this problem? What do you do to fix it? Also, does anyone know of any repair shops (in/around NYC or Long Island) that will provide the service of tuning (and/or fixing) melodions? Thanks!


    Mitch, I would open the melodions and check and see if the reeds are stuck first. When the Reed has a lot of moisture residue buildup it will cake up a bit and stop the Reed from vibrating. Gently touch the tip of the Reed to see if it flexes a little. If it does not flex down push the tip of the Reed down until it starts to flex. It should come loose. If the Reed gets stuck when you are doing this, you may need to push the Reed left or right lightly until the Reed releases. I have used in the past a tiny bit of CLR with a Q-tip, only on the Reed that does not sound to remove the residue. Rinse the Reed completely several times once you are done and wipe dry. If the Reed is broken you will need to replace the Reed plate. I listed on here last month where you can order a set from Japan. As for a repair shop in your area. You may first want to try
    an accordion repair shop in your area and ask them if they can repair or tune it for you. If you buy the plates they are simple enough to replace your self. By the way if you buy the plates order the gasket, it may break when removing the Reed plates. I only removed the plate with the bad Reed. The Hammonds Come with (3) plates. If you can not find the post get back with me and I will repost where you can get order the plates.
    I hope this will help you
    Monsters of Melodica

    AvatarAlan Brinton

    It could also be a gapping issue. If the reed is too close to the reed plate or too far away the note will not sound. Visual inspection will tell you whether this is a problem; you will see the difference between the gap of offending reed and the others.


    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. As soon as I have time and opportunity, I will pursue (and will share my results). Thanks, again!

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