Trying out melodicas before buying?


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    Jai Jai

    Hello everyone,

    So grateful for this website!!!!

    I’ve had the Hohner Performer 37 for a couple of years and am finally on a trip in Italy away from the piano so I had no choice but to do my best to make music with it.
    The good news is I absolutely have the “melodica bug” now. I’m having a great time even with the “bad news” below … which means I’m bitten!
    The bad news is this instrument is disappointing … chief complaint is that only the lower register is anywhere near in tune. And certain notes just stop working from time to time. Also if I had a choice to have an instrument with a warmer sound, I would take it in a second …

    Is there a way that anyone knows to TRY the melodicas — namely the higher end Suzukis and Hammonds? Are there bricks and mortar music stores known to carry a variety of melodicas — or do people just buy on Amazon and return what they don’t like?

    I appreciate any advice anyone can give!

    Thank you so much!

    Daren Banarsë

    Hi Jai Jai

    Welcome to the forum! Great to hear you’ve caught the melodica bug!

    I know in London there’s a place called Macari’s, on the Charing Cross Road (Leicester Square station). They always have a few in sick that you can try.

    Where are you based?

    Jai Jai

    Thank you, Daren!
    Yes I should have mentioned – I am based in San Diego, CA, and often travel to New York, sometimes Belgium, and Rome. Rarely do I get to London.
    Jai Jai

    Alan Brinton

    Jai Jai,

    I think you will be pleased at how much better a Hammond or ANY high end Suzuki meets your expectations than does the Performer 37. From Amazon, you can now get a Suzuki M-37C delivered for under $100 or an M-32C (a bit more convenient for travel) for about $75. What you spend in Rome for dinner? In my experience, new high end Suzukis come pretty well tuned from the factory, and it’s rare for a key to seize up. Same with a Hammond 44. All of them have a richer and more interesting sound than the Performer.


    Jai Jai

    Thanks Alan,

    That sounds great and is very. very encouraging … thrilling actually … especially as I’m pulling more out of the Hohner, finding more nuance and loving the process even with the difficulties! So even if I can’t find one to play first I will order the Suzuki when I get back … did not realize the $90-$100 one was so good.

    re cost of dinner in Rome – funny you should mention it … in fact I’m mostly cooking on my own, aided by some friends here – basically master classes in Italian cooking, on a budget!

    All the best and thank you,
    Jai Jai

    Alan Brinton

    Oh, with those fabulous Italian vegetable markets, lucky you!


    Hi everyone – I haven’t been online in a while. I just saw the topic about trying out melodicas before you buy. If you are ever in the mountains of western NC SC, VA, GA or TN, you can try all sorts of melodicas here in western NC. Between the 6 members of our melodica band we have almost every melodica made (only a few vintage ones however). This is only a slight exaggeration! We also have the melodicas with pickups and some guitar pedals if you want to try that out.
    We don’t sell, just play. But would happy to help out. Sit in with us, have a meal…

    Alan Brinton

    Good to see you here again, beezer. They say Nashville, you say Ashville. Do any of you have Zen-on melodicas? If so, what’s your impression? And, do the mouthpieces of any other big name melodicas fit them? I see some used for sale without a mouthpiece.

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