Talking About Warm Tube Sound Using a Pedal

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    I have been working with Randy at bit at the Lone Wolf Blues Company as I have been experimenting with getting a blues sound from the melodica. Randy gave me a Harp Attack pedal to try out. The Harp Attack pedal provides a mild tube-amp like distortion, adding some fullness, presence, and warmth to the melodica sound.

    I like the Harp Attack pedal, but I like his Harp Break pedal even more, as it gives me breakup and more harp tonality and bass. The Harp Attack pedal is nice for when you want warmth and presence without the breakup.

    I played four melodicas through a Shure SM57 microphone, a compressor that removed a bit of bass from the original signal, and then through a Lone Wolf Blues Company Harp Attach effects pedal. I compared the sounds of the melodicas with and without the Harp Attack pedal.

    Except for adding reverb, no other processing was added. So the comparisons below do not benefit from the tonality (additional bass and a rounding of the higher frequencies) that the Harp Delay would normally bring. I always use a Harp Delay, but I wanted this comparison to really show what the Harp Attack could do all by itself. The following times are approximate:

    First verse, 0 to 34 seconds–Suzuki A-34c melodica
    Second verse, 34 to 58–Suzuki A-34c plus Harp Attack pedal
    Third verse, 58 to 122–Hohner HM Piano 26 melodica
    Fourth verse, 122 to 146 Hohner HM Piano 26 plus Harp Attack Pedal
    Fifth verse, 146 to 208, Hohner Piano 26, small keys, metal body, melodica
    Sixth verse, 208 to 230, Hohner Piano 26, small keys, metal body plus Harp Attack pedal
    Seventh verse, 230 to 254, Hohner Piano 36 melodica
    Eighth verse, 254 to end, Hohner Piano 36 plus Harp Attack pedal

    Here is the link:

    So you can hear how the Harp Attack adds depth and presence to the sound. Add the Harp Delay and the sound is bodacious.

    So you can have a clean sound with no effects, a warm sound with the Harp Attack, or a warm and dirty sound with the Harp Break.

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