Suzuki STUDY II – 1978-91

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    Alan Brinton

    This is an unusual Suzuki Melodion, the first all plastic model (non-metal tray), which (along with the MA-32) predates the current cheaper MA series and even cheaper current all plastic Suzuki Melodions. It is unique in being a small key Suzuki Melodion that continued production past 1990. The Study II is of comparable quality with the familiar metal tray Suzukis. It has its own distinctive harmonica-like sound.
    Study II 25

    You can see three banks of slots on the top above the keys. The two on the right are blocked and are cosmetic, but the bank on the left emits sound. The holes on the bottom, which is the cover of the reed chamber, do not seem to do so. The keys are are short but of standard width for a Suzuki Melodion. Five large screws are removed from the back to reveal the reed plates.

    This Melodion appears to have been tuned by a previous owner. I am of the opinion from my experience with the MA-32 that these are different from the reeds on metal tray Suzukis — thinner, more responsive, and more fragile.
    In these next two photos, smaller screws are visible near the four corners of the reed chamber. These are fairly long screws but with tiny heads, and their removal provides access to the key mechanisms and further disassembly. These screws are very tight, and I was able to remove only three of them to allow myself a peek inside.

    You will notice that the white key reeds are identified (as is also true with the MA-32 (“Super II”).

    The STUDY II seems to be relatively rare. I only recall seeing one or two for sale in the past.

    Alan Brinton

    The closest in sound to this Study ii-25 is the Suzuki MA-32 (1986-?), which usually also comes in yellow but sometimes in light blue.

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