Suzuki Melodion 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

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    Bruno Travi

    Only 500 units were produced.
    In the catalog appears the Melodion History:

    2000 Suzuki PRO-37v2
    2010 Suzuki PRO-37AS / Suzuki PRO-37AR / Suzuki PRO-37AB


    In this other say:
    “This special Premium edition model has been re-designed from top of the range PRO-37v2
    Melodion…we have listened to the ideas of our customers…”


    Are better than the PRO-37v2?


    Hello and welcome to the forum, Bruno!

    I have seen those models sold on a german website. From the photos and from what they write there are some differences:

    1. The back case is made of anodized aluminium (I’m sorry I don’t know what the Pro37V.2 case is made of, Alan says in his review it is metal but I don’t know which sort of metal; maybe it’s aluminium, too). Available colours are blue, red or copper.
    2. You get a black instead of a white tube and not only one but two mouthpieces (wow!)
    3. The reeds are the same as in the Pro37V.2.
    4. The case looks more than the Hammond melodion case and is coloured, too.
    5. The price is 299,-€ instead of 225,-€ for the Pro37V.2; the copper colouered model even costs 379,-€ (I have no idea why).
    All in all this seems to be no better version of the Pro37V.2, just a different design and a serial number (again wow!). If you have read Troy’s and Alan’s reviews of the Pro37V.2 there should be no reason to prefer that special model to the Suzuki M-37C.

    Bruno Travi

    Thanks Quetscher !

    I know the Suzuki M-37C is better than Suzuki PRO-37v2. I have the Suzuki M-37C.
    I was hoping that this anniversary version has corrected the design errors of the Suzuki PRO-37v2.

    Adam Tombs

    The reeds in one of those Japanese Language catalogs look to be made of steel and independently mounted, like a Hohner pro 36 except that the base is one unit for all the reeds and not individual reed bases.

    Can anybody confirm?

    Bruno Travi

    In this information of Suzuki PRO-37v2 you can see the same picture of the reeds that Suzuki PRO-37AS/AR/AB:

    In the POINT 2 of this catalog is detailed the reeds construction of Suzuki Melodion family, but in Japanese :S
    ¿Someone who speaks japanese?

    Adam Tombs

    Thanks for this Bruno. I have a friend who is Japanese, I will ask her to translate for us!

    Steven Morris

    It’s somewhat rough, but I think this’ll give you an idea…
    Begin Translation
    Point 2 Things We’ve Done So You Can Use Your Melodion Forever

    Mouthpiece Secret Number 1
    It’s straight making it ideal for breath to flow to the instrument. The mouthpiece is rounded making tonguing and tremolo easy. The ring/stopper around the mouthpiece reduces fatigue. It’s a smooth fit with the Melodion.

    Mouthpiece Secret Number 2
    The pipe mouthpiece is designed so that it catches moisture preventing build up inside the instrument. Since the same sized mouthpiece connectors have been used since about 20 years ago, you can use the newer mouthpieces on our older instruments as well.

    Reeds are the Life of the Melodion
    The reeds should be known as the life of the instrument. They are unlikely to break or rust. They are made using a special kind of bronze. They are tuned using computers allowing them to hold their pitch forever.

    Inside of the Melodion
    The breath that enters the instrument goes through our original air chambers allowing for the ideal flow. This is the secret of the soft and beautiful tone. Also, the key angle / key mold makes it very durable.
    End Translation

    I’m a big fan of Suzuki Melodions– they’re my favorite so far. However, I think this is just a lot of marketing talk! I think those are some dubious claims regarding pitch. With that said, I’d love to hear the new electric soprano :).

    BTW, Here is a video of the group called P-ブロッ (Apparently P-Blot in English):

    The PDF you linked, Bruno, refers to them. I didn’t even know they existed- so this is exciting. I hope to find more of them. I sometimes wish I lived in Tokyo when I was in Japan so I could go to that venue (Super Deluxe) all the time!

    Anyways, I hope this helps 😀

    A little OT, but I thought this looked like a good read–

    It came up in my P-Blot search.


    Ha, I love P-Blot (P-ブロッ)! Never seen them before.

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