Suzuki m37 or pro 37. My opinion

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    Mark O’Trumea

    I’ve read that many people the prefer the m37 over the pro 37. I feel the opposite. Let me give you a bit of background on my musician life:

    I’ve been playing keys since 1991, I’ve bee singing for as long as I can remember. I play about 15 instruments now. I’ve been playing the melodica for about a year and a half. The melodicas I have experience with, in the order I got them, are: A honer airboard, a suzuki m37, a suzuki s 32c, and I just got a pro 37 about 3 weeks ago.

    I’ve read about some problems people have had with the pro 37 and luckily I’m having none of those. I was lucky enough to snag a ‘blemished’ one for $144. Though, I can’t find a single thing wrong with it. I love it! Everyone I play it for, whose heard my other melodicas, says it sounds much fuller, louder and just nicer overall. It was in tune great when I got it. I checked it with a strobe tuner, so thats how accurately I checked it.

    I think all the suzukis I’ve bought are great. The pro, with its deeper body really sound much fuller to me. And it just feels more solid and professional in my hands and I’ve owned dozens of instruments over the course of my life.

    Had I paid $250 for it I would not be as impressed. But I still think its worth the $200 or so dollars you can find it for on amazon. So yes, IMO the pro 37 is a better instrument than the m37. I would recommend either of these melodicas, though. Hope this helps anyone who’s wondering.


    Thanks for your thoughts Mark! Just when someone thinks they’ve made their mind up, they’ll find this 🙂 Just shows your choice of melodica is a very personal decision…

    Alan Brinton

    You should post a review, Mark. I’m one of those who have posted negative comments about the Pro-37v2. I agree that it has a more solid, heavier feel to it, though I regard the lighter weight and tighter profile of the M-37 as advantages. But your perspective will be valuable to those who are considering the alternatives.

    Mark O’Trumea

    I think what I will do is wait until I’ve had the pro 37 for six months or so and do a pro/con comparison of the two melodicas.

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