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    Alan Brinton

    I see that one of the instruments featured in the (very nice) 13 melodica comparison is the Suzuki M-37, currently available (delivery from Japan) through Amazon (M-37C) Also available is the M-32C. Like the Suzuki Pro-37v, these melodicas have a metal body and are heavier than their cheaper counterparts. The inexpensive Suzuki STUDY-32, which is not a bad melodica, has an ABS body like most melodicas. The metal body is a tray, really, in which the melodica works sits, and out of which that rotates when you disassemble the melodica. My one slight source of dissatisfaction with the Pro-37 is a bit of ringiness to the sound, which I suppose comes from the metal — though maybe not. Has anyone had experience with the M-32C? Any comments about it or about the M-37C?

    I like the STUDY-32, which to me sounds a lot like a harmonica. But I have significant moisture issues with it. It needs frequent spit extrusion and still builds up a lot of moisture to the point of becoming almost unplayable during an extended session. Notes get off key, and there’s even some gurgling. By contrast, my Yamaha can be played for a long time with not much thought about moisture. It must have better drainage to someplace where collected moisture doesnt create problems.

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