Suzuki M-32 (1982-91)


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    Alan Brinton

    This is the successor to the Suzuki A-32 and the predecessor of the Suzuki M-32C. It is very similar to the A-32 and almost identical in all respects to the M-32C. The sound, feel, and key action of all three are about the same. Here are some photos for comparison with photos posted earlier for both the A-32 and M-32C.

    Inside the early M-32C:

    This Melodion shows signs of having been taken apart multiple times and tuned, but it is in very good shape, despite minor discoloration of the reeds.

    There is something special to report here, which is that this model also came in eye-catching black, which looks especially cool with a trumpet mouthpiece from an M-36. This one is definitely NOT for sale.

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