Sound Comparison of Four Melodicas

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    Okay Guys and Gals,

    Here is the comparison of the four instruments: Yamaha P-25F, Hohner Piano 36, Hohner Piano 27, and Hohner Cassotto 27.

    I recorded these instruments with no EQ and just a touch of reverb to make the sound tolerable. I used an Audio-Technica AT822 stereo condenser mic, playing about 12 inches from the mic.

    Listen and comment and I will try to answer any questions if there are any.

    The link is:



    Thanks for the recording Lowboy. The Cassotto did not sound as I had hoped for, but you are right it is deeper done. Not sure what I would use it on but you never know unless you drop it into the mix. Your other blues recording is very cool. I have not really been into the blues but I really like what you have done with your sound. I think I may have to pick up a few blues tracks to add to my practice time and see where they take me. Between you and Jazzman I may convert lol. All in all thanks for the recordings, I think you are definately on the right track.

    AvatarAlan Brinton

    I would say the Cassotto has a muted sound, and that it could work well where you would play a muted trumpet, but that generally it could work well with acoustic blues or other acoustic music that’s played simply. But I’m commenting strictly as a listener. For some reason the great Canned Heat song “Goin’ up the Country” comes to mind.

    The distinctiveness of each of the four melodicas comes through clearly. Great comparison. The Yamaha fares well and has the most clarity.

    You certainly are accomplishing what you set out to do, Lowboy. How much are you including melodicas in your gigs? Two of my brothers are not far from you in the Berkshires. Maybe they’ll get by to see your band sometime. One recently acquired a melodica, the Yamaha P-32C.


    I think the Cassotto could benefit from a bit of EQ in actual use. It is kind of a haunting tone. The soprano cassotto, which I did not play on the recording, might be a better choice in many instances than the alto.

    To answer your question Alan, my band rehearsed yesterday with a new drummer and with me playing melodica 100 percent (no organ). I tried something new and the tone was really thin, and I could hardly be heard over the other instruments. The drummer decided not to join the band, and I decided to leave the band as we were not progressing as fast as I wanted to make progress. So I am starting again from square one, but that could be good. I think a duo, trio, or quartet doing acoustic or semi acoustic blues/Americana is maybe a better spot for the melodica. Like the early days of harp playing.

    Anyway, I will still post a couple clips with me playing with backing tracks to demonstrate some additional techniques and the sound I developed. It may take a bit longer as I spent most of the day today changing direction and setting up my rig again.


    Daren BanarsëDaren Banarsë

    Thanks Lowboy. It’s great to have such a clear comparison. My preference is with the Yamaha. I love the strength of tone

    AvatarShannon M


    I was looking for this sound comparison and no longer see it listed on your Soundcloud page. Has it been taken down? I am interested in the sound of the Cassotto compared to the other Hohners, as I have never heard one.




    Hi Shannon,

    Yes I took it down during a cleanup of my Soundcloud page some months ago. I am hoping to replace it with another recording as I am enjoying the sound of the cassotto.



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