Sometimes you just have to make it your self

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    What’s a hobok? I only found out that it’s a Ukrainian dance:-).

    Anyway, I play the Vib. a little like you do, with its bottom resting on my left thigh (I guess this is easier for me than it would be for you because I seem to be taller than you are). This is great when playing without the trumpet mouthpiece, but when playing WITH the trumpet mouthpiece, the S-pipe becomes too large, so I have to hold the instrument in an awkward angle.

    And that’s why I think your newly designed pipe is a big improvement because of the much better handling.


    Quetscher, sorry I meant Hookah. I can rest it on my thigh but it tends to slides a little when I am playing. I guess everyone has to fit or position the instrument as they feel best to their needs. My new set up is adjustable from 5″ to 7″. I have it set around 5-3/4″ for me. I actually did the same thing and put the mouth piece on the S-pipe and it was not very comfortable. Also I did not want to stress the base and have the pipe end create a larger opening on the base hole or oblong it.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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