Shiori Sugaya unknown outside Japan?

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    Hello, this is my very first post here at Melodicaworld. Since about 3 weeks I’m learning to play the melodica. Otherwise I’m a percussionist in a hobby jazz band (no drums). And 2 years ago I started to play again recorder (from bass to soprano) after a looong break after my school days. I also noodle around a bit with affordable electronic instruments like a Korg Monologue. My skills are at low amateur level.

    By accident I stumbled across a melodica clip on youtube and was fascinated immediately and decided to give the instrument a try. A used Hohner Studemt 32 of mint condition for 10 € bucks, I couldn’t resist. But thats another story to tell.

    Now I fell in love with the japanese melodica player Shiori Sugaya, which I always found by accident searching on youtube for infos about the Suzuki 37 models. She provides almost no information except in japanese tongue.

    She’s a vituoso and plays with passion and expression, which can easily be noticed in the clip I post below. On her chanel you can find more fascinating music, including 2 pieces of Holst’ The Planets arranged for 4 melodicas, wow! If you shouldn’t agree that she is one of the best melodica players, you might agree that she is probably the best looking ….

    Have fun – grommi

    Daren Banarsë

    Hi grommi, welcome to melodica world 🙂

    I’ve also dabbled with recorder!

    Thanks for introducing Shiori Sugaya. I didn’t know about her. Really inspiring playing, great expression, the whole package!


    No, I did not know her myself, and welcome to the forum, I am new to the forum, but honestly I purchased a 26 key melodica possibly in the late 70’s or 80’s.
    The other day I was telling a family member that playing one of my older saxaphones took alot of effort and practice to get a proper sound, and I mentioned that the melodica was so easy to play and rather effortless as well,
    I’ve played recorders before and I know that breath control is very important on the melodica as well as the recorder,from going to one instrument to another I’ve noticed improvement the more that I play.
    On your last line of your post, yes she is a good player and yes to the other note.
    I saw her moving so much, I though she would pull the hose out of the melodica, i think she is checking it during the video, do you know what model she is playing?


    Pretty sure by the look and sound she is playing the venerable Yamaha P37D. It’s a favorite of many and may be the favorite of the members here on the forum judging by how often it is discussed.

    I’m not sure if she’s checking her hose connection or not? I see several strap players holding the melodica by the bass end like that. Particularly Masa Matsuda (another P37D player and quite the virtuoso.) He does it often when he’s not playing two-handed.
    Is she playing her own accompaniment? It looks like the same hands and wrists.

    Yes, Ms. Sugaya is quite alluring. However I caution against bare midriff playing like that as you may inadvertently draw navel lint into your melodica and block a reed tongue. ;p


    I take that back Leonard. Looking at it again on a larger screen I believe she is playing a Suzuki Hammond 44.
    Makes sense with the black hose and strap button.
    I also see it ends in a C as the lowest note. A P37D would have an F.


    Nice to see that she gets some attention. Yes, she’s also a piano player, and yes, she obviously plays a Hammond 44 here.

    Here yt chanel has much more to explore, i.e the funny finale of a live recording, where she demonstrates her skills on different melodicas:

    live record finale

    And most impressive her version of “Mars” from Holsts Planets with 4 melodicas (turn up the volume!):

    André Sant’Anna

    I know her!
    She is very good and cool!

    If I can suggest another japanese melodica player that I really love to listen, that for me plays with heart and soul, is Miho Seno.
    Here you can listen one amazing performance with her trio:

    André Sant’Anna


    I couldn’t post a YouTube video…

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