Sensitive teeth resulting from playing keyboard harmonicas

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    I have a question for everyone. I have been playing keyboard harmonicas now for about 2 years. In the last 4 or 5 months, my teeth have become very sensitive to cold and hot food and drinks. My teeth feel like they are on fire when I eat cold foods in particular.

    Plus, after many decades on this planet, I think I am catching myself clenching; something I have never done before. My wife is a dental hygienist and tells me clenching can result is sensitive teeth.

    When I play, I use a short tube with no mouthpiece on it so I am not clamping down on anything hard. The tube is quite flexible between my teeth.

    Has anyone else noticed sensitivity in their teeth or other physical symptoms since taking up the keyboard harmonica?




    Hello Lowboy, I do not have an issue with teeth but, when I play through a duck bill type of mouth piece I get more strain on my upper lip. I find that I can play a lot longer with a trumpet mouth piece. That is why I changed from the stiff flexible pipe on the Hammond melodeons to the trumpet. I tend to bite down on the duck bill type mouth piece, that may be why my upper lip gets stiff.

    Alan Brinton

    I had this issue, but it was before I started playing melodicas. You may be a victim of the condition known as aging, Lowboy. My dental hygienist told me it’s not unusual for some teeth with old fillings and crowns to eventually become more sensitive. She recommended switching to Sensodyne tooth paste, which resolved my problem.

    But also, if you’re biting down on the mouthpiece while swinging your melodica to and fro, that would sound like a recipe for sore teeth.


    No, I haven’t noticed any extra teeth sensitivity…

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