Selling melodica Hohner Professional 36

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    Hello mates:

    Im selling a melódica Hohner Professional 36 in perfect status.

    I am selling it because I haven’t used it since I bought it because i like playing other melodicas due to its size.

    I can tell you that it’s working perfectly, with all the notes tuned and it’s in a very vey good condition with some very little wearing on it.

    I prefer offering it here first so you can make some offer if you were interested on it.

    I cant add images here but i can send them by email if necessary.

    See ya!

    Toby Künzel

    Hi. That sounds cool. I like that model. I have one myself, which I actually had to replace one of the reeds with a half accordion reed, worked nicely, but the main issue is that it’s really hard to get airtight (in contrast to the piano36 for example). Is your instrument actually still airtight after all these years or did you make it tight yourself? Thanks for the info.


    Hello Toby,

    This model that I am selling its incledbly well preserved. If I check for any leaking there is none so I am not even able to blow when I don’t press any key.

    It has a perfect sealing and it has a very clear and powerful sound at any note you play.

    I haven’t opened it to fix anything because it wasn’t necessary so it has been always tight since I bought it.

    This Hohner Pro 36 has no damage nor outside: (its case is looking almost brand new) nor with its functioning: which I would say that its quite close to perfection.

    I have just played it twice in 6 years more or less due to its size and being hard for me since I am a begginer at playing the melodica.

    It was owned by an friend’s of mine spanish grandmother and I asked him if she used to play it or saw her playing and my friend told me that she never played it so I guess it was a never or barely used gift to her.

    I would love to add images here but i need to upload them to a link and I am not able to do that but you can contact me for further info.

    See ya!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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