Samick Melodihorn A-32

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    Alan Brinton

    Not to be confused with Angel Melodyhorn. It has been pointed out to us in the past by Melodica-Me that the Samick Melodihorn 36-M (and the Kitazawa Prince Melody) is the Suzuki 36M Melodion under another name. I have recently acquired a Samick Melodihorn A-32 so I could compare it with the Suzuki A-32 (1973-1982 ancestor of the current Suzuki M-32C). I can report now that the Samick A-32 is, except for label and color scheme, identical to the Suzuki A-32. They have the same trumpet mouthpiece, the same case, except for color, and the same sound. It’s redundant to show the photos here, except for comparison with ones I posted for the Suzuki (at, but here they are. This is a very nice melodica, under whatever name. I like the red tray color but do not like the faded dirty-toilet yellow, so I’m thinking of painting the end pieces black and identifying it as the rare Sumaki A-32.

    Three further notes. (1) It shows signs of having been taken apart and tuned, probably multiple times. (2) It is clearly identified as Made in Korea. (3) Samicks appear to have been marketed by Kawai, the familiar Korean piano maker.

    Gerald de Peralta

    Sorry for the long delay, but this model is my first melodica. Got one for a low price though the case is lacking some clips. I have it in storage now, hoping to one day retrobright the keys, which, as you said, would go dirty toilet-yellow. Another annoying thing is that the plastic is brittle, and because of that its spit valve snapped off, so I plugged the drain vent with a piece of neoprene and momentarily covered it in vinyl sticker. I’ll have it re-attached with fiberglass one day. But it really sounds good.

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