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    just got used hohner piano 26, everything seems to be in order. the sound of melodica is nice, but little bit out of tune. no wonder because it looks like this melodica has never been tuned (and cleaned 🙁 ).

    what should I do with these rusty reeds? should I clean them and then tuned them. or tune them just like they are now, without cleaning?

    if i clean them they would go out of tune more than they are now, would they?

    rusty reeds hohner piano 26


    Hi Igor,

    I am far from the most experienced keyboard harmonica repair technician on this website, but I would gently clean the reeds with alcohol using a 1-inch paint brush and call it a day. I have done this to several used keyboard harmonicas that I purchased. I am not sure it helped a great deal with the tuning, but it did help me ensure there were no particles or contamination that were binding the reeds against the reed plate. And it made me feel better. I have never seen that much patina on reeds and reed plates before. The above advice was translated to me from an experienced accordion technician. Tune if you must, but as noted in my recent post on tuning, you could have a really good “rough” keyboard harmonica there that would be perfect for certain types of music.



    alredy cleaned reads with alcohol, but some of rust wont go down. casing of this melodica is the same like piano27, only one key is missing (first key- see the picture above) and reeds is the same material, but probably because of the rust sound is very rough and sharp compared to sweet sound of hohner piano27. and i have to adjust last two reeds because i have to blow very hard to make a sound…

    it’s used one and cost me only 12 dollars 🙂 so this is my experiment melodica 🙂

    P.S. some keys was whole note lower after cleaning so tuning was necessary. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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