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    Hi guys!

    Here’s a track I laid down today, in the main “meme” of musical interests: combining Blues and Reggae.

    I’m only using the Melodica in a backing role in this one (I’m still working on my keyboard skills), but I think it’s in there prominently enough to be of some interest here… I composed the track with a drum machine line from my Zoom G3, a bassline I played on my Korg Volca Keys analog synth, Reggae riddim chords on that same Korg, backing chords on my Hohner “Student 32” Melodica, and the lead was played on a “Natural Minor” harmonica. The tune is in A minor. The harp and melodica were recorded into an Electro Voice 626 mic on a stand (in free air). All audio was routed through the G3 (with some FX) via USB to my computer where recorded the tracks in Audacity. I recorded it in four tracks over four takes (drums and bass in the first, reggae chords in the second, melodica chords in the third, and the harp lead in the fourth). In Audacity, I tweaked the levels and pan for each of the tracks, added compression to each of them, then mixed it down, added a bit more compression to the whole deal, and a very little titch of reverb to liven it up. I made the “video” in OpenShot, which is a pretty cool piece of software for Linux.

    I’m happy to discuss the music, instrumentation, equipment, recording approach, etc..!


    Hello OneHarp,

    I finally got some time to peruse some of the older postings and I listened to your recording.

    My first impression is I really like the sound of the melodica (shall we say keyboard harmonica in this case) and the real harmonica together. It works. Secondly, I like the understated keyboard harmonica harmony part. (Say that three times fast.) The tonality and harmony fit well with the song. It doesn’t just fit, it adds something, which is what every part should do. Nice work.

    I really enjoy playing my keyboard harmonicas along with reggae tunes. They just fit right in.

    Let’s hear some more recordings from you soon.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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