Reeds tarnishing after tuning

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    Several months ago, I tuned and gapped my new Yamaha Pianica P-37D. A few days ago, I opened it up to discover that the reeds were tarnishing noticeably at the spots where I had used the file to tune them. However, the tuning scrape marks from the Yamaha factory tuning job show no signs of tarnishing at all.

    Does anybody know why my tuning marks are tarnishing and not the others? Is this something I need to be concerned about?

    AvatarAlan Brinton

    Maybe residue from the file itself was left on the reeds. If it is merely discoloration, as opposed to corrosion, it seems unlikely to become a problem. I have not seen this with my Pianicas, but next time I take one of them apart I’ll look for it.


    Could it be that after tuning at the factory, the reeds are sprayed or dipped in a protective coating, keeping the factory file marks from developing a patina? When you file the reeds, you would be breaching this protective coating and enable oxidation to occur.



    That’s what I was wondering. I’m really curious if anybody else who has tuned their Pianicas has run into this problem.

    Daren BanarsëDaren Banarsë

    Ive often found that the areas where i’ve been scraping have gone black. It doesnt seem to effect the reed performance or sound


    Yeah, that’s what I’m experiencing. Are you using a Yamaha Pianica as well?

    Daren BanarsëDaren Banarsë

    Yes I am. I like Lowboy’s theory. Perhaps the reeds are coated in an anti corrosive after they’ve been tuned in the factory…


    Thanks for the helpful info, guys!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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