reasembling hohner piano 36

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    Hi to all!

    does anyone know how to reasemble hohner piano 36? it’s easy to open back cover and get to the reeds to tune it , but how to reasemble keyboard? is there some pic of that proces? so far I did not find any info about that.

    for hohner piano 27 is relatively easy to take all the keys out from casing. but that hohner piano 36 is whole difrent story…

    I bought it yesterday for 20euro :))) all reeds are in exelent shape and nothing is cracked and broken but keys are sticky dirty and whole keyboard litle bit bend. maybe if I take out the keys I will be able to straighten that “problem”.
    also there is some leakage. first I try to “refresh” seling on the case. then will se if leakage still apear. hope that is not on the key valves 🙁

    bend keys

    new melodica

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