rare harmonica and melodica patents

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    Just discovered this , lots of historic harmonica and melodica patents here:

    I have to do a lot of reading and studying, but I had a quick look around and already found some useful ideas for melodica experiments, accordina experiments and keyed harmonicas.

    The section “Harmonicas I really wish they had made. ” has some beautiful instruments.
    Some hybrids mixing zithers and harmonicas, etc etc

    Anyone knows of a photo of this instrument?:
    “Issued in 1960 and naming Hans A. Bruder as the inventor, this is another unique variation on the harmonica theme which seems never to have been commercially produced. The player blows into a small mouthpiece (8 in the above diagram) and selects the notes he or she wants to sound by pushing the buttons at the right end of the instrument. These eight buttons are connected to eight slides that direct the air to various reeds: “


    Harmonichord instrument
    US 2228058 A

    looks a bit like an accordina in one of the technical drawings…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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