Quick Summary of Yamaha Repair

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    Hi All,

    So some of you may recall I blew out the upper B flat reeds on both my Yamahas (P-32D and P-25F) during a jam where I did not have good monitors and could not hear myself.

    Well I did order the reed plates from Yamaha USA. The high reed plate for the P-32D was Part No. W4040231 (about $24) and the high reed plate for the P-25F was Part No. W4040350 (about $12). Shipping was about $8.

    I received the P-32D reed plate yesterday and installed it. The installation went smoothly thanks to the straightforward design and precise manufacturing of the Yamaha melodica. Tuning of the new reed plate was perfect and instrument sounds like brand new.

    You have to love the fact that parts are readily available for the Yamaha melodicas and that removal and replacement of parts is very easy.

    When the reed plate arrives for the P-25F, I will replace it. That reed plate was backordered and the delivery date was 4 to 6 weeks out.

    Things to note: The reed-plate-to-body gasket on the P-25F was stuck to the reed plate. I had to carefully separate them to avoid damaging the gasket, which is a one-piece gasket that covers both the lower and upper reed plates. This did not happen on the P-32D. Of course, you could buy a new gasket if needed.

    The many screws holding the reed plate to the body are small, and the shape of the Philip head was such that no screwdrivers I had really fit the screw heads well. Hence, many were rounded off by me by the time I unscrewed them and then screwed them back in. Hence, I am not sure they would function if I had to replace the reed plate again.



    Alan Brinton

    Thanks for the report, Lowboy. I have had good luck with the Startech 7 piece precision screwdriver computer tool kit from Amazon (about $14). Also with the 10 piece Delcast (about $20). The phillips screwdrivers of both sets have a good bite to them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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