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    Hi everybody,

    I’ve been on holiday for a couple of days and I’ve had time to roam the web in search of melodica news, videos etc.

    Here’s what I found: two fantastic videos of people playing with both hands. Enjoy!


    And here’s another short one, performed by someone we already know:


    Hi everybody!!! I’d like know how I can use my melodica like Mr Masa Matsuda…He doesn’t keep it with left hand but he has a shoulder belt that keep his melodica …. in this way he has free both the hand. In Italy I don’t find how I can do.Where I can buy this shoulder belt?Thank you !!!! Bye fuego


    Hello Fuego, and welcome to the forum. Please see below the website. Akeo, a regular here on Melodicaworld is well known for playing with two hands. You will need to google translate from Japanese to Italian, but she shows and give a great discription a strap and how to set one up.
    I hope this helps
    Monsters of Melodica

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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