Playability & Viabilityof Vintage Melodicas

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    Alan Brinton

    I see now that the “Gakki” site that lists Suzuki melodions is not Tokai Gakki. “Gakki” means “musical instrument.” The Gakki site is Yasuhara Gakki, i.e. Yasuhara Musical Instrument Company, a distributor of multiple brands of keyboard harmonicas.


    here’s a link to audio I made of 5 different instruments. Used a cheap Zoom and reverb from Audacity, along with my cheesy Casio accompaniment

    1   :01 Yamaha P32D
    2   :30 Hammond 44
    3   1:03 Hohner piano 36 vintage
    4   1:40 Suzuki A34C
    5   2:07 Suzuki vintage A27


    Hi beezer

    Thank you for this upload, very useful.
    Excellent playing!
    I really like the sound of the Hammond 44!


    Thanks, Andre.
    Yea, I was on the fence about spending the money for the Hammond 44, but when a friend brought one over, I was online buying after playing for 15 seconds.

    Alan Brinton

    Hey, Adam. I notice that the photo of your M-36 shows a tube with fittings and also one of those nice little plastic mouthpiece containers, neither of which would have been included with the M-36 when it first appeared. This suggests that yours is one of the later ones during the 1961-74 time span. It also has an A-32 showing on the brochure (of which I also have a copy), which probably means your M-36 is late 1960s or early 1970s. Maybe that helps explain why it’s in better condition than mine. That means that mine, while busted up, is probably more authentic. So, would you like to trade?

    Adam Tombs

    Hey Alan, my M-36 is in fantastic condition. It really appears to have been played very little. Its one of my go to melodicas so I think I will keep hold of it for now.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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