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    I hope you don’t mind a non-melodica recording, but the posts have been slow the last week and I thought I would bump it up with what I think is a pretty good recording of me playing organ on a reggae tune.

    I am not going to post the link here because the song has a couple of X-rated words in it. So if you are interested in hearing it, you will have to willfully go and listen to it on my SoundCloud page. Go to SoundCloud, search for Lowboy Bootay, and then look for the song entitled Dirty Reggae Mix 003.

    If you are over 21, you might enjoy it. I nailed the organ part in one take in a moment of inspiration. I got lucky on that one.

    This was an original tune written by Matt Sjomeling with help from collaborators on Indaba, a music collaboration website. I contributed the organ part, which is a key element in the song’s call and response mode. This is my mix. I played this on a Hammond XK-3c organ direct into the board.

    I have lots to report when I get a chance. Finally found a great amp for the Chicago Blues sound and have completed several live performances. Learning curve is still steep.


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